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FES Alumni Research Guide: General

Help finding free and low-cost resources and databases


Open Access Journals

Journal Fulltext Access

Most databases used while you were a student, are no longer freely available to you as an alumni.



JSTOR - Yale University Library has negotiated access to one of the major fulltext journal resources for Yale Alumni. Hein Online - Yale Law Library has negotiated access to this full text legal periodicals database.

In order to gain access to JSTOR or Hein Online,  please contact the Association of Yale Alumni. Information is found HERE.

** Also see the Directory of Open Access Journals listing in the Open Access Journals box to the left below.


General Related Websites

Open Access Web Portals

Portals are defined as web sites that serve as entry points to a number of separate information resources either within the same website or pointing out to other websites.

Forestry & Environmental Studies Librarian

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Carla Heister
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