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Airway Workshop for Yale Anesthesiology 2015, April 23, 5pm TMP-3 Register below: RAMY Airway Workshop

The RAMY Airway Workshop will be based on a reverse classroom model. The 5 hours of lecture are available on line. A discussion session and hands on workshop will be available to those who have watched the lectures either on-line or live.

Where, when, who….

Anesthesia residents and other members of the department of anesthesiology at Yale and their guests are invited to participate in this workshop.

The workshop consist of three parts: 

- on line lectures (see link below) 5 hours  Residents in Anesthesiology must either view the entire series on-line or have attended the "live" lecture series in past years before they can attend the hands-on workshop. Caution- in order for the ECHO360 system to record that you have watched the lectures, this must be done on a laptop or desktop computer, not on a Tablet or phone.  This is a problem with ECHO360 which is being remedied. A syllabus is availble (link below)

- live dissucssion 1 hr This will occur in the TMP-3 library at 5pm on April 23, 2015 and a light dinner will be served (please register below)

- hands on workshop 2 hr: Will take place immediatly following the discussion session. This session will run for 2 hours. Access to this workshop will be only to thoes who have completed the on-line lectures or who have attended the live lectures in the past.  (please register below)


For technical problems with the syllabus link or Echo360, contact Erica Zador,   971-242-9783

Concerns and comments ?

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