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Media, Popular Culture, and Communication Rights Research Guide: Radio

Research strategies and resources on media, popular culture, journalism, copyright, digital society, and related topics.

Resources for the Scholarly and Professional Study of Dance

What's Here


Although there is no dance program at Yale, nevertheless classes about dance are regularly offered and it is a topic of considerable interest to students and faculty alike.  This page gathers a range of information to assist the scholarly (and to a small extent practical) study of dance.


Find Books in Orbis


Here are examples of Subject headings that you can use as a model to find books in the Yale University Library system. Remember that almost anything with a subheading (such as "Modern dance--Pictorial works") can also be searched through its main heading (e.g., "Modern dance").


Dance Performance Videos


To search for videos of dance performances (and recordings of the "dance on camera" genre) available at Yale, see the instructions on the Videos page. In addition, there is the database below, which includes may of the videos we have on DVD or videotape.


Dance in Video

Dance in Video currently has 150 performances covering a wide variety of classical and contemporary dance forms, as well as forerunners of modern concert dance. More dances will be added; the target is 250 performances available online.

Dance on Camera: A Guide to Dance Films and Videos. Ed. Louise Spano. Lanham, Md.; London: Scarecrow Press; New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1998.

SML Stacks, GV1595 D342X 1998 (LC)+ Oversize

The most comprehensive catalog available on dance films and videos in distribution as of 1998. There is, alas, nothing similar that's more recent.


Selected Reference Sources


Black Dance: an annotated bibliography. Alice J Adamczyk. New York: Garland, 1989.

SML Reference, Z7514 D2 A33 1989

The entries are listed alphabetically by author; there is no topical breakdown.

Biographical Dictionary of Dance. Barbara Naomi Cohen-Stratyner. New York: Schirmer Books, 1982.

SML Reference, GV1785 A1 C58 1982.


Cambridge Companion to Ballet. Ed. Marion Kant. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

SML Reference, GV1787 .C363 2007


The Concise Oxford Dictionary of ballet. Horst Koegler. 2nd. ed. London: Oxford University Press, 1982.

Bass Reference, GV1585 K6413 1982


Dance Annual Directory [aka Stern's Directory]. Oakland, CA: Dance Magazine, Inc., 1999-2006.

SML Reference, GV1580 +D36

This directory includes lists of dance companies, dance professionals, music, presenters, festivals, funding, merchandise, resources and study.

Dancers and Choreographers: a selected bibliography. Leslie Getz. Wakefield, R.I.: Asphodel Press, 1995.

SML Reference, Z7514 D2 G48X 1995

In addition to the bibliographies on various individuals in the dance world, this book also lists reference works, histories and other resources.

International Encyclopedia of Dance. Selma Jeanne Cohen, founding ed. 6 vols. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.

SML Reference, GV1585 +I586X 1998.

The entries in this extensive 6-volume encyclopedia include useful bibliographies. Not only are the entries on people, history, styles and the like, but also on countries and regions, TV shows, festivals and so forth. The sixth volume includes a "synoptic outline of subjects" which lists the entries according to a subject structure. There is also an index.

The Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Debra Craine and Judith Mackrell. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.

SML Reference, GV1585 C73 2000.


The Queer Encyclopedia of Music, Dance, & Musical Theater. Ed. Claude J. Summers. San Francisco: Cleis Press, c2004.

SML Reference & Music Library Reference, ML100 .Q44X 2004


Research in Dance: a guide to resources. Mary S. Bopp. New York: G.K. Hall, 1994.

SML Reference, Z7514 D2 B6X 1994.

Lists collections and archives in the US, Canada, and internationally. It also has a sizable section on reference literature, including periodicals, indexes, and review sources.

Society of Dance History Scholars - Online Resources

The site includes links for various genres and historical periods, including dance companies that perform historical genres.  It also lists sites for organizations, periodicals, site directories, and specialized resources.


Selected Websites


The sites below include a range of scholarly and professional resources.


@URL Internet Arts Resources - Dance

A Web directory for sites on contemporary dance and ballet companies, scholarly resources and archives, dance training programs, festivals, publications dance and new media, videos, and more.


Over 2000 links to ballet and dance companies all over the world. Includes announcements and news from individual companies.

CriticalDance is an international non-profit for promoting and supporting the dance arts (especially ballet and modern dance). The site includes a moderated bulletin board, reviews, features, interviews, and links to select dance pages. The organization publishes an online magazine, Ballet-Dance Magazine.


A collection of over 3,500 links to classical ballet and modern dance resources on the Internet. The site doesn't appear to have been updated since March 2006..

Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers

The union representing professional choreographers.


What's Here

Radio continues to be of interest, and in the online world has extended to internet radio and podcasting.  Here are resources about the subject.

Selected Article Databases for Research on Radio

Academic Search Premier

This is a huge multi-subject database, including coverage of the mass media from a variety of perspectives.

Communication & Mass Media Complete

CMMC is an excellent database for articles on radio, with a highly expansive range of subject headings.

Selected Subject Headings for Searching Orbis




Selected Reference Resources

The biographical encyclopedia of American radio. Ed. Christopher H. Sterling. New York: Routledge, 2011.

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Encyclopedia of American radio, 1920-1960. Luther F. Sies. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2000.

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The encyclopedia of American radio: an A-Z guide to radio from Jack Benny to Howard Stern. Ronald W. Lackmann. New York: Checkmark Books, 2000.

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Historical dictionary of American radio. Ed. Donald G. Godfrey and Frederic A. Leigh. Westport, Conn.; London: Greenwood Press, 1998.

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Historical dictionary of old-time radio. Robert C. Reinehr, Jon D. Swartz. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2008.

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The Museum of Broadcast Communications encyclopedia of radio. Ed. Christopher H. Sterling. New York : Fitzroy Dearborn, 2004.

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On the air: the encyclopedia of old-time radio. John Dunning. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.

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Radio: a reference guide. Thomas Allen Greenfield. New York: Greenwood Press, 1989.

SML Reference, Z7224 U6 G74 1989

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