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Citation Management : Zotero

A guide for all things citation management.

Download Zotero

Click on the large red 'download' button here to download Zotero and the appropriate connectors for your preferred browser(s)


Tips for Getting Started with Zotero

Adding References

Enter manually:

  • From the Zotero window at the bottom of your screen, click on the plus button; 'new item'
  • Select material type.
  • Enter information in the pane on the right hand side of the Zotero window

Direct Export from your favorite database (in general):

  • Make sure the Zotero application is open
  • Conduct a search and click on the Zotero icon in your browser (it will be a book icon, a folder icon, or a paper icon)
  • Item will be saved immediately in your Zotero library. Drag the reference to the appropriate Zotero folder
  • You can also export a citation using the RIS file option if available

Writing a Paper

  • The Zotero Word Plug-In should have downloaded automatically; see here to install manually.
  • Open Word. The tool bar will be under 'add-ins' on a PC or 'view' 'toolbars' on a MAC
  • Place your cursor in your document where you would like the citation to be.
  • Choose the citation style then click 'ok'. A large Zotero search box will appear.
  • Search for your citation and hit the return button.
  • To insert the bibliography into the paper, click on the third icon on the tool bar: 'insert bibliography'

Create a Bibliography

So easy!

  • Highlight one or more references in your Zotero library
  • Right click or control-click on Macs) to select 'Create Bibliography from Selected Item(s).'
  • Select a citation style for your bibliography format and choose an output format.