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About the Library: Catalog Policy and Documentation Committee

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Catalog Policy and Documentation Committee

Reports To: Catalog Coordinating Council

Committee Charge: The Catalog Policy and Documentation Committee (CPDC) will assist and advise the Chief Cataloging Librarian in all matters pertaining to the documentation of policies and procedures for cataloging at Yale University Library. The Committee reports to the Cataloging Coordinating Council. Members will · Recommend cataloging policies and procedures · Coordinate documentation of policies and procedures · Review existing cataloging policies and procedures · Draft new cataloging policies and procedures · Promote and monitor adherence to policies and procedures · Develop training sessions for staff · Keep current with national developments

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly, 3rd Thursday, 2:00-3:30; additional meetings as needed

Committee Chair: Danijela Matković

Committee Members:

  • Dominique Bourassa (2013-)
  • Lisa Cavalear (2013-)(secretary: 2014-)
  • Jerry Anne Dickel (2008-) (webmaster: 2014-) 
  • Danijela Matković  (2015-)
  • Charles Riley (2009-)
  • Pina Scalzo (2007-)
  • Yukari Sugiyama (2016-)
  • Jia Xu (2017-)

Committee Eligibility: Cataloging expertise and time commitment

Term of Service: Two years, renewable

Committee Website:

SharePoint site:

Committee Contact: Danijela Matković

Additional Information: Responsible for the Cataloging at Yale and Cataloging Tools and Resources pages and most of the subsites

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