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About the Library: Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA)

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA)

Reports To: University Librarian 

Committee Charge: SCOPA is the Standing Committee on Professional Awareness. In 1985, a Task Force on Support for Professional Activity was formed and charged with reviewing the Yale Library's support for the professional development of librarians. Out of this Task Force came SCOPA, an official library committee charged by the University Librarian to oversee the implementation of the Task Force's recommendations for improving awareness among Yale librarians. To this end, SCOPA has increased professional activity and professional growth among librarians by creating and sponsoring lectures, training sessions, information sessions, and other events for the library staff. SCOPA has also acted upon special charges from the Librarian's office such as overseeing a review of the Library's Performance Expectations for Librarians.

Fequency of Meetings: Monthly, except in the summer when they are as needed.

Committee Chair: Sarah Tudesco

Committee Members:

  • Kayleigh Bohemier
  • Katherine Isham
  • Lora Johns
  • Kate Nyhan
  • Alice Prael
  • Timothy Thompson
  • Paula Zyats

Member Selection Method: Appointed by the University Librarian. Appointments are staggered.

Frequency of Meetings: Bi-monthly

Term of Service: Two Years

Committee Websites:

Committee Contact: Any committee member


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