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About the Library: Cataloging Coordinating Council (CCC)

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Cataloging Coordinating Council (CCC)

Reports To: Catalog and Metadata Services (CMS) Richard Sarcia, Interim Head 

Committee Charge: The Cataloging Coordinating Council (CCC) is charged with developing cataloging and catalog maintenance policies for Yale University Libraries including:

• standards and policies for records created in ORBIS to reflect various levels of cataloging and in-process status;

• standards and policies for records created in OCLC for downloading to ORBIS;

• policies for withdrawing/deleting/suppressing records in ORBIS and reporting to national utilities;

• standards and policies for maintaining online holdings;

• policies for maintaining local bibliographic and holdings information in ORBIS;

• advising the Chief Catalog Librarian on cataloging and database quality issues.

Fequency of Meetings: Monthly

Committee Chair: Éva Bolkovac

Committee Members:

  • Éva Bolkovac (Chair)
  • Tatiana Barr
  • Matthew Beacom
  • Dominique Bourrasa
  • Ellen Cordes   
  • Geraldine Anne Dickel
  • Todd Fell
  • Abdelahad Hannawi
  • Larry Heiman (NACO Chair)
  • Kate Kellett
  • Robert Klingenberger
  • Marty Kurth
  • Micky Koth
  • Danijela Moatkovic (CPDC Chair)
  • Kevin Merriman
  • Diane Napert
  • Youn Noh
  • Christine Pesch Richardson
  • Charles Riley
  • Rick Sarcia
  • Christopher Smith (SACO Chair)
  • Karen Spicher
  • Dajin Sun
  • Timothy Thompson
  • Patricia Thurston
  • Jia Xu

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Committee Website:

Committee Contact: Éva Bolkovac

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