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About the Library: Metadata Committee for Digital Assets

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Metadata Committee for Digital Assets

Reports To: Susan Gibbons

Committee Charge:

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Committee Chair: Ellen Cordes, Dajin Sun

Committee Members:

  • Beacom, Matthew‎
  • Belanger, Arthur‎
  • Bogdan, Kristin
  • Callahan, Maureen‎
  • Cochrane, Euan‎
  • Custer, Mark‎
  • Doon, Ellen‎
  • Falcone, Arcadia‎
  • Friscia, Michael‎
  • Hudson, Michelle‎
  • Klingenberger, Robert‎
  • Kratli, Graziano
  • Napert, Diane‎
  • Noh, Youn‎
  • Smalley, Martha‎
  • Sprague, Katherine‎

Member selection method: Appointment

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Website:

Committee Contact: Ellen Cordes, Dajin Sun

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Call Call: (203) 432-1775

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