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About the Library: E-resource Discovery Advisory Group

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Committee Information

Committee Name: E-Resource Discovery Advisory Group 

Reports To:

  • Jill Parchuck (co-sponsor)
  • Marty Kurth (co-sponsor)

Committee Charge: The E-Resource Discovery Advisory Group is charged with setting best practices, identifying areas for development or enhancement, and advising on the roll-out of new services across e-resource discovery and access points. The Advisory Group will act on behalf of all e-resource discovery and access stakeholders by defining and prioritizing the ongoing development, configuration, integration, and support of e-resource discovery and access systems. 

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Committee Co-chairs: Angela Sidman and Jenn Nolte

Committee Members:

  • Jenn Nolte (co-chair) (2014-)
  • Angela Sidman (co-chair) (2014-)
  • Andy Hickner (2017-)
  • Colin McCaffrey (2017-)
  • Laura Sider (2014-)
  • Andy Shimp (2014-)
  • Steelsen Smith (2017-)

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Website: 

Committee Contact: Angela Sidman and Jenn Nolte


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