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About the Library: Access Services Policy Group

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Access Services Policy Group

Reports To: Mike Bell

Committee Charge:

The Access Services Policy Group (ASPG) is charged with addressing policy and programmatic issues related to the various activities associated with Access Services across the Yale University Library that serve all Yale clientele and YUL facilities.  These policies and services cover broad work areas such as Resource Sharing, Reserves, Circulation, Privileges, and Operational functions related to those services.  The ASPG is expected to:

  • Identify and develop new services that benefit the broad Yale community
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to existing library services and policies so that they are operationally efficient, cost effective and responsive to the changing needs of the Yale community
  • Work collaboratively with partners in Library IT and the Law Library to ensure consistency of services and experience with access services by the Yale community
  • Provide oversight and direction to an access services operations group for day to day functions.

Frequency of Meetings: Every three weeks

Committee Chair: Brad Warren

Committee Members:

  • Arts – Lindsay King

  • CSSSI – Kevin Merriman

  • Divinity – Susan Burdick

  • Law, ex officio – Julian Aiken

  • LSF - Mike DiMassa

  • Medical – Melanie Norton

  • Music – Jonathan Manton

  • SML/Bass

    • Laura Sider (Circulation / Privileges)

    • Chris Killheffer (Operations)

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Eligibility:  Librarians are appointed by their Directors as representatives of each listed library.

Committee Website:

Committee Contact: Brad Warren


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