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About the Library: SML Exhibits Committee

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Committee Information

Committee Name: SML Exhibits Committee

Reports To: University Librarian

Committee Charge:

The Sterling Memorial Library (SML) Exhibits Committee provides oversight and support for the exhibition program that provides content for the Memorabilia Room and Student Exhibit Corridor in Sterling Memorial Library. The membership comes from across the Yale University Library (YUL) system and is led by the Exhibits Production Coordinator.  The membership rotates annually, with members serving staggered two year terms. Additionally, the Library’s Director of Communications and Director of Undergraduate Research Education and Outreach are permanent committee members.

The Committee performs these tasks:

Increases use of SML exhibit venues by YUL staff, Yale faculty and students, and Yale-affiliated groups 
Coordinates communication about the programming and use of the SML exhibit venues 
Reviews exhibition proposals to ensure that programming reflects and supports teaching and research at Yale 
Establishes and maintains appropriate guidelines for the use of exhibition venues and the handling of objects on display in SML 
Supports the Library Exhibits Liaison as needed 

Frequency of Meetings: 

Committee Chair: Kerri Sancomb

Committee Members:

  • Kerri Sancomb, Exhibits Production Coordinator (Chair)    
  • Christine McCarthy, Chief Conservator (2 year term)
  • Amanda Patrick, Director of Communications
  • Emily Horning, Director of Undergraduate Research Education and Outreach
  • Nancy Kuhl, Curator for American Literature (2 year term)
  • Bill Landis, Head Public Services (1 year term) 
  • Haruko Nakamura, Librarian for Japanese Studies (2 year term)
  • Richard Boursy, Archivist (2 year term)
  • Jae Rossman, Haas ALSC representative (2 year term)
  • Lori Bronars, Life Sciences Librarian (2 year term)
  • Melissa Grafe,     Medical Library    (2 year term)

Term of Service: Two Years

Member Selection Method:

Committee Website: 

Committee Contact: Kerri Sancomb


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