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About the Library: Ebooks Advisory Group

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Ebooks Advisory Group

Reports To: Director of Collection Development

Committee Charge:

  • Develop a checklist for evaluating ebook offers that builds in communications with key stakeholders (e.g., subject specialists, acquisitions, preservation, cataloging, e-collections) and is based on the Ebook Strategic Plan Task Force Report.
  • Review and analyze ebook offers of possible interest to the Yale University community.
  • Make recommendations for ebook offers, and associated print acquisitions, for consideration by the Director of Collection Development and the Collection Steering Committee (CSC).
  • Examine various ebook acquisition models (perpetual access purchase, subscription, patron/demand-driven, short-term loans, evidence-based) and present analysis to the Director of Collection Development and CSC to help inform both ebook collection decision-making and guidelines/recommendations to selecting librarians
  • Recommend guidelines and policy where appropriate resulting from the group’s work.
  • Develop a data assessment model for ebook packages that can be applied to both new offers and renewals.
  • Communicate ebook information to the group that is developing and maintaining an ebooks LibGuide. 

Frequency of Meetings:  Bi-weekly

Committee Chair: Heather Gendron

Committee Members:

  • Julie Linden (Ongoing)
  • Andy Shimp (2016-2018)
  • Heather Gendron (2016-2018)
  • Kelly Blanchat (2016-2018)
  • Sarah Tudesco (Consultant)
  • Colin McCaffrey (2016-2018)

Term of Service: Two Years

Committee Website: 

Committee Contact: Julie Linden


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