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About the Library: Mission, Vision, Goals and Guiding Principles | 2016-2019

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Mission, Vision, Goals and Guiding Principles | 2016-2019


At the heart of the university, the Yale University Library provides outstanding support for teaching, learning, and   research at Yale, and for the world-wide scholarly community, through our staff, collections, programs, spaces, and services.


  • Library staff are committed to the library mission, and effectively anticipate and respond to the ever-changing teaching, learning, and research landscape.
  • The library is a gateway to exceptional collections and continuously strives to enhance discovery, access, and use of the collections.
  • Library programs contribute to a vibrant intellectual commons for Yale and the community.
  • Library spaces are inspiring, functional, and adaptable to the changing practices of scholarship, teaching, and research.
  • Library services are intuitive, seamless, and driven by an evidence-based understanding of the disparate needs and research practices of our users.


  • User Experience: Proactively engage with users and staff to improve services continuously.
  • Teaching, Learning, & Research: Strengthen current and emerging teaching, learning, and research practices at Yale through new services and expertise.
  • Collections & Access: Select, acquire, describe, preserve, and provide intuitive access to a wide array of outstanding research materials. Optimize library processes, mechanisms, and services to support acquisition and discovery of collections.
  • Engagement & Partnerships: Enhance collaboration with stakeholders at Yale and other institutions to determine and implement highly-effective and efficient solutions to accomplish the university’s goals.
  • Digital & Technology Infrastructure: Build a scalable, extensible, dependable, robust, and sustainable digital and technological infrastructure to enable the library to best carry out its mission.
  • Organizational Culture: Maintain a skilled, agile, diverse, respectful, collaborative, and committed staff, who thrive in an ever-changing, continuous-learning environment.


  • We recognize that service to the Yale community is our top priority.
  • We are clearly aligned with the agile strategic goals of Yale.
  • We are one unified library system.
  • We collaborate with partners, internal and external to the library and to Yale.
  • We leverage technologies to provide the best services in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • We assess what we do and how we do it to ensure operational effectiveness and quality service delivery.
  • We are committed to creating an inviting and inclusive environment that enhances teaching, learning, research, innovation, and collaboration.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for excellence in our work and our relationships.
  • We expect every staff member to be an ambassador for the library and for Yale.



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