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About the Library: Quicksearch Advisory Group

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Committee Information

Committee Name: Quicksearch Advisory Group

Reports to:

  • Jill Parchuck (co-sponsor)
  • Allen Townsend (co-sponsor)

Committee Charge:

To guide and promote the ongoing operation and development of Quicksearch, the unified Discovery tool of the Yale University Library.  The Quicksearch advisory group will act on behalf of all Quicksearch stakeholders by defining and prioritizing the ongoing development, configuration, integration, and support of this important service.

Key Tasks:

  • Create and maintain a list of use cases, user stories, and requirements
  • Make recommendations for training, documentation and outreach
  • Recommend new or revised features
  • Prioritize and monitor feature development/implementation and ensure that priorities and schedules are clearly communicated to the associated user communities of the service
  • In conjunction with the User Experience group and all stakeholders, ensure that proposed and implemented features are tested for functionality,  user experience and accessibility
  • Ensure that other groups in the libraries that support related services are included in development discussions
  • Perform regular environment scans to see how other institutions are solving same/similar problems
  • Maintain ties with peer institutions to follow progress with similar products/services
  • Review and maintain the Quicksearch Service Overview in partnership with departments that have an active support role
  • Work with other public services staff  to coordinate outreach and end-user instruction, both online and in-person
  • Make recommendations for significant changes up to and including replacing and/or eliminating Quicksearch. 
  • Maintain a list of stakeholders and ensure timely consultation and communication with them on decisions
  • Meeting Notes from the Quicksearch Advisory Group will be distributed publicly.  The role of note taker will rotate amongst non-chair members alphabetically.

Frequency of Meetings: Bi-weekly

Committee Chair:

  • Suzanne Lovejoy (co-chair)
  • Kalee Sprague (co-chair)

Committee Members:

  • Lori Bronars
  • Gwenyth Crowley
  • Ellen Cordes
  • Moira Fitzgerald
  • Lindsay King
  • Suzanne Lovejoy (co-chair)
  • Colin McCaffrey
  • John Nann
  • Youn Noh
  • Angela Sidman
  • Kalee Sprague (co-chair)

Term of Service: 2 years

Committee Website: TBD

Committee Contact:

  • Suzanne Lovejoy
  • Kalee Sprague

Committee eligibility:
In consultation with co-chairs and/or sponsors, Department Heads of units listed above may designate members for two-year terms, which may be renewed. 

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