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About the Library: EliScholar Advisory Group (EAG)

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Committee Information

Committee Name: EliScholar Advisory Group (EAG) 

Reports To: Jill Parchuck and Mike Bell

Committee Charge:

The EliScholar Advisory Group (EAG) is charged with identifying areas for development or enhancement, setting best practices and policies, and advising on support for EliScholar, the Yale University Library's scholarly publishing platform.

The charge includes:

  • Providing guidance on questions and issues as they arise from support of EliScholar
  • Reviewing trends and best practices in scholarly communication, open access and other related topics that may affect terms and conditions for and content in EliScholar
  • Providing guidance on content recruitment
  • Reviewing interface design and features
  • Communicating news, updates and issues regarding scholarly publishing at Yale back to library constituents as appropriate

Membership will be reviewed annually to ensure that representation is appropriate to Library and University current priorities. Membership will be comprised of stakeholders from units that provide support for collection development, licensing, communications, and special collections, as well as other content stakeholders. Members will represent their constituent units, bringing forward ideas and feedback. They will also bring back information and share it with colleagues, soliciting opinions and gathering further feedback as needed.  If representatives cannot attend a meeting, alternates should be sent in their place. The minutes from these meetings will be posted and available to the larger YUL community. The primary support person for EliScholar will chair this group, set the agendas, and call the meetings.

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Committee Chair: Jenn Nolte

Committee Members:

  • Jenn Nolte (Chair and primary support for EliScholar)
  • Michael Bell (Co-sponsor)
  • Jill Parchuck (Co-sponsor)
  • Joan Emmet
  • Heather Gendron
  • Michael Lotstein

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Contact: Jenn Nolte


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