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Manuscripts & Archives Senior Essay Prizes: Past Winners for Research in MSSA

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Past Winners: Outstanding Senior Essay for Research Done in Manuscripts & Archives

2017: Sarah D. Kim, Jonathan Edwards College. Of a Healthy Constitution: Socialized Medicine Between the Triumphs of Social Security and Medicare.

2016: Jacob L. Wasserman, Saybrook College. Internal Affairs: Untold Case Studies of World War I German Internment.

2015: Raymond L. Noonan III, Saybrook College. Insurgent Labor Activists at Yale, 1968-1971.

2014: Jonah Coe-Scharff, Pierson College. "New Roads" in Leftist Thought: Dwight Macdonald, Lewis Coser, and the Postwar Crisis of American Marxism.

2013: Brendan Ross, Berkeley College. From Practical Woodsman to Professional Forester: Henry S. Graves and the Professionalization of Forestry in the United States, 1900-1920.

2012: Emily Dominski, Silliman College. A Nowhere Between Two Somewheres: The Church Street South Project and Urban Renewal in New Haven.

2011: Joshua Tannen, Saybrook College. Making the Case for Privacy: Potter Stewart and the Fourth Amendment .

2010: Sean Fraga, Silliman College. "Two Days By Plane": America's First Transcontinental Passenger Airline and the Selling of the Skies.

2009: Kevin Michel, Trumbull College. A Struggle Between Brothers: A Reexamination of the Idea of a Cohesive Conservative Movement Through the Intellectual Life and Personal Conflict Surrounding L. Brent Bozell.

2008: Aaron Wiener, Berkeley College. Hiram Bingham's Expedition and the Peruvian Response: A Connecticut Yanqui in the Land of the Incas.

2007: Jonathan Bressler, Silliman College. The Red Badge of Infamy: John Punnett Peters and the Fate of the Federal Employment Loyalty Program.

2006: Julia Gegenheimer, Timothy Dwight College. Between Rhetoric and Reality: The Effects of Ideological Transition in the 1970s-1980s on the Status of Women in the Sudan.

2005: Robert Tice Lalka, Saybrook College. Surviving the Death of God: Existentialism, God, and Man at Post-WWII Yale.

2004: Laura Finkelstein, Berkeley College. Disclosure of Holocaust Experiences: Reasons, Attributions, and Health Implications.

2003: Chirag Badlani, Davenport College. Walking the Line of Diplomacy: The Mutual Failures of Chester Bowles and The United States in India, 1951-1969.