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Manuscripts & Archives Senior Essay Prizes: Past Winners for Reseach on Yale

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Past Winners: Outstanding Senior Essay on a Topic Relating to Yale

2017: Sarah E. Pajka, Morse College. Doctors, Death, and Denial: The Origins of Hospice Care in 20th Century America.

2016: Thomas Hopson, Trumbull College. The Roots of Radicalism: Natural Rights, Corporate Liberty, and Regional Factions in Colonial Connecticut, 1740-1766.

2015: Elizabeth D. James, Branford College. The True University: Yale's Library from 1843-1931.

2014: John (Jack) Doyle, Berkeley College. Measuring "Problems of Human Behavior": The Eugenic Origins of Yale's Institute of Psychology, 1921-1929.

2013: Nathaniel Zelinsky, Davenport College. Who Governed Yale?: Kingman Brewster and Higher Education in the 1970s.

2012: Benjamin Will Horowitz, Jonathan Edwards College. The Solomons on Cedar Street: The Intellectual Origins of Yale's Institute of Human Relations and Progressive Agenda at Yale.

2011: Daniel Stone, Branford College. Put a Nickel on the Drum: Problems Policing Prohibition at Yale.

2010: Danielle Kehl, Timothy Dwight College. The Buckley-Coffin Crusade: Preaching the Gospel of Political Ideology to Yale and America in the 1960s.

2009: Jennifer K. Lin, Silliman College. From Chemical Terror to Clinical Trial: The Development of Chemotherapy at Yale in World War II.

2008: Scott Chaloff, Morse College. Dynamite Tonight: Vietnam On and Off-Stage at the Yale School of Drama, 1966-1969.

2007: Matthew Busick, Branford College. Becoming a Yale Man: Intimacy among Yale Students in the Nineteenth Century.
2006: Mary Ellen Leuver, Jonathan Edwards College. Defying Death, Disease, & Darkness: Yale, New Haven, and the Institutionalization of Public Health in America, 1880-1930.
2005: Sandra Chwialkowska, Branford College. It's About College. [Feature-length Documentary, available at the Yale Film Study Center]

2004: Wallis K. Finger, Ezra Stiles College. From the 'Bland Leading the Bland' to the Mississippi Freedom Vote.

2003: Elizabeth Waldman, Pierson College. What's In a Name: The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 1965-1972.