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Course Reserves: Advanced Functions

Accessing Reserves Outside of Classes*v2

It is possible to directly access the course reserves application outside of Classes*v2. This allows you to see all of your classes in the same screen and to view the content of other courses through student mode.

Unless you are unable to use Classes*v2, you should not create courses directly in the system! Although there is an option to create a new course, students may have difficulty locating reserves materials if the link to the course management studio is not set up properly. Support staff who do not have access to Classes*v2 will always have to access the course reserves system directly.

The url for the course reserves system is

Viewing eReserve Usage Statistics

From the course menu it is possible to see how many times an eReserve link has been accessed and by whom.

  1. Open the "course reserves" tool in Classes*v2
  2. In the "class tools" select "usage statistics"
  3. Next to each list item you will see the number of times it was used
  4. Select "show detailed usage" to show which students have accessed the material

NOTE: This function is currently only available for eReserves readings. Print reserve usage statistics are not available through this feature.

Get Started

To submit your course reserves, go to either:



Contact Reserves Staff

For specific Yale course reserves:

Arts Library
Phone: 203-432-2643

Bass Library
Phone: 203-432-1872

Phone: 203-432-3439

Divinity Library
Phone: 203-432-5288

Medical Library

Music Library 
Phone: 203-432-5549

Get Help

Help is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Emal Email:

Call Call: (203) 432-1775

SMS text Text: (203) 826-2053

 Tweet:  @askyale