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Course Reserves: Submitting Reserves Outside of Classes*v2

What's Here?

This page will show you how to:

  • Create a user account manually through the course reserves interface
  • Add a class through the course reserves interface

Requests created outside of Classes*v2 will require additional staff mediation. Using the Classes*v2 reserves tool, when it is available, guarantees the fastest availability of course reserves.

Adding a User Outside of Classes*v2

If you have never used the new reserves system and if data from your previous classes was not caught in the import then you will not have a user account in the reserves system. Note that user accounts are spawned automatically when using the Classes*v2 reserves tool. The following steps will allow you to check if you have an account and create one if you do not have one already.

  1. Go to and authenticate through CAS
  2. If you go straight to a course selection interface then you have an account already and can skip to the next box
  3. If you land on a "Change Information" page then please provide your name, department, and status. Be sure to specify faculty status at this point since you will not be able to change your status after this point without contacting reserves staff.
  4. After submitting the information you will see the course list from a student view.
  5. Click on the "view as instructor" link in the top right
  6. If you are asked to confirm your information again then please do so.
  7. You should now see the course selection list from the instructor interface.

Once these steps are complete you are ready to manually add classes for which you wish to create reserve lists.

Adding a Class List Outside of Classes*v2

Even in a course does not exist in Classes*v2 it can still be created in the course reserves system. Without staff intervention, however, it will not appear in *v2 for the use of students. Staff will link all unlinked classes immediately prior to the beginning of the semester unless you send a request to to have it done earlier.

  1. From the "Instructor Tools" menu on the home page click "Add Class."
  2. Fill out the basic information about the class as well as you are able.
  3. Begin adding reserve items per the instructions on the "how to put items on reserve" page.
  4. These reserve items will enter the processing stream and will be linked to Classes*v2 before the beginning of the semester.

Reserve lists submitted before August 8th are completed in the order in which they were received. Those submitted after August 8th are completed in the order in which materials are needed for courses. Please remember to tag items by week number, session number, or date to ensure that they are processed in the correct order.

Contact Reserves Staff

For specific Yale course reserves:

Arts Library
Phone: 203-432-2643

Bass Library
Phone: 203-432-1872

Phone: 203-432-3439

Divinity Library
Phone: 203-432-5288

Medical Library

Music Library 
Phone: 203-432-5549

Get Help

Help is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Emal Email:

Call Call: (203) 432-1775

SMS text Text: (203) 826-2053

 Tweet:  @askyale