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Libguides Template: Libguide template

Developed by the Libguides Task Force (Hersey et al) and approved by CRSC in July 2013

Formatting Guidelines

For Subject Guides:

These instructions relate to the landing/home page of the libguide:

Guide Look & Feel> Change Guide Style
Page and Tab Options Choose from three tab colors (yellow ; orange ; blue [Libguides default])
Should be rounded.


  • Box Header color #0F4D92 (Yale Blue)
  • Box Title Font Color: #FFFFFF (White)
  • Box Border color:#D9E9F2
  • Box Shape: rounded
  • Box Border thickness is set by the global CSS file

The Guide should have a user-friendly URL  (This can be set in the Change Guide Information form under Guide Settings)

Landing page should have three columns.

Guide Descriptions or Welcome type items should be kept in a small box on the top of the left column

We recommend everyone use the shared "General Research Tools" box and have it located under the "guide description" box on left hand side. Please link to the box, which is located on the boxes page of this guide, as this will allow centralized updating.

Each guide should have a box of contact info, with professional looking picture, on the top of the right column of the landing page.  If multiple owners of the libguide, show only one person's contact box or create a box with the appropriate contact info.

Try to keep to one row of tabs, consider adding a table of content box as well.

Consider including automatically updated content on your guide--e.g. a feed from a library blog, such as YUL News, and/or social media widgets. You can link to a box that syndicates Yale University Library news from the boxes page of this guiide.

Staff should update or review their guides at least twice a year.

Avoid the word "database":  possible alternatives are "data"; "articles"; "images"; "books"; etc. (keep in mind your audience: undergrads, experienced researchers, etc.)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about creating a Yale University Library libguide using these recommendations, contact the Libguide Taskforce.


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120 High Street
New Haven, CT
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