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History 300J/864: Islam in China: History 300J/864: Islam in China

This guide was compiled by Tang Li for HIST 300J/864 Islam in China during Spring 2013.

Major English Databases

Search tips:

  • For a thorough search, try variant spellings, such as Uighur / Uyghur / Uygur, Xinjiang / Sinkiang, Gansu / Kansu, Ningxia / Ningsia / Ning-hsia, silk road / silkroad / silk route, etc.
  • Advanced search provides more options.

Major Chinese Databases

Selected Reference Tools

Tips to Find Materials on Islam in China in Orbis

  • Use "Advanced Search" in Orbis to incorporate subject terms into your search. You can also limit the language to English if you want to focus on English sources. Useful subject terms include: Islam, muslim, muslims, Hui, Uighur, silk road, etc. For example: Islam [within the "Subject" field] + China [within the "Subject" field or as a keyword].

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