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The Ministry Resource Center @ Yale Divinity School

This page displays resources held at the Ministry Resource Center (MRC), which brings together the study of theology and the practice of ministry. The center serves congregations and agencies, their leaders, and the faculty and students of Yale Divinity School. In addition to academic reference books, the MRC provides pastors and church members with relevant materials to integrate the environment into their ministry. For more information on Religion and the Environment resources at MRC, check the "For Ministry" page on this guide, or send an email to

Ministry Resource Subject Categories

The Subject Categories in this guide are divided into five categories to help you find the materials you are looking for.

Our Story

As people of faith, we are continually getting to know the faith community’s story and our place within it, reviewing and deepening our relationship with the faith community, its Story, its history, and its beliefs. Some of the topics that help clarify and nurture our faith story include:  church history, bible, spirituality, saints, angels, theology, art, architecture, spirituality, etc.

Living Our Story

As people of a faith Story, we live out that Story through our personal growth in faith and within the faith community and through our acts of love, justice, and mercy to all peoples.  Some of the topics that help us live out of our faith story are in this section and include:  caring, justice, worship, faith formation/development/nurture, age groups, mission, etc.

Why We Do It

The action of the faith community is strengthened through exploration, knowledge, and review of the beliefs and stories of the faith community and how those resource people for living their faith commitments.  Among the resources in this section are theology and spirituality.

How We Do It

The faith community plans, implements, coordinates, invites into involvement, reaches out to include others, develops timely approaches to responding to the world and the communities in which it lives.  This section includes leadership, stewardship, lay ministry, evangelism, conflict management.


A faith community lives within a context for ministry, global and local, and relates to that variety of communities in diverse ways.  This section includes resources for ministries with African American, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic, urban, rural, men, women, LGBTQ, and other communities.

Ministry Resource Director

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