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News sources

The Yale Library subscribes to many databases for current and historical news sources. You may have encountered news articles in Google searches--and sometimes, the newspaper's website will ask you to pay for the articles you find! As long as you're on the Yale network, the databases below will help you get to the full text of news articles, free of charge.

Legal resources

About this guide

Welcome, Yale Young Global Scholars!

In this guide, you'll find resources and strategies that will help you navigate the Yale University Library and online information. 


Quicksearch allows you to search both of Yale's library catalogs (Orbis + MORRIS, the catalog of the Yale Law Library) simultaneously. The Articles+ search allows for simultaneous searching of journal articles, dissertations, news, and more. Try a keyword search below to get started!

Library databases

Like other academic research libraries, Yale subscribes to databases and electronic journals that provide access to scholarship from many disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. Use an interdisciplinary database to find multiple perspectives on the study of your topic, or a subject-specific database to find sources from scholars within a particular field or subfield (e.g., political science, international relations, economics). The databases recommended below are good starting points. 

Need help citing sources?

If you have questions about citing books, articles, documents, and other materials in APA or MLA format, check out the OWL at Purdue. The site contains examples and explanations of how to cite sources appropriately. 

What about Google?

Google can be a great research tool--but it's not the only resource available to you! Try Google searches as well as searches in the resources highlighted in this guide, and check out the following advanced search tactics: 

  • If you're getting too many irrelevant or inappropriate results in your Google searches, you can limit your search to particular web domains or sites with the powerful site: search. You can search all .gov (U.S. government) websites (site:gov), all .edu (academic institutions) websites (site:edu), a particular website (, and more. 


  • If you're looking for scholarly journal articles, try Google Scholar instead of a regular Google search. You can limit your search to a specific range of years to find the most current scholarship on your topic. As long as you're on the Yale network, you'll also see links to the full text of many journal articles. 


IGO search engine

Use the Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine (a Google custom search) to search across hundreds of IGO websites:

NGO search engine

Use the Non-governmental Organization Search Engine to search across NGO websites. Sites were chosen based on their consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and also collated from University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, Duke University Libraries' NGO Research Guide, and the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO).