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Accessing Arts Library Special Collections: Request Materials

This guide outlines the steps required to request items to view in the ALSC reading room, how to then request an appointment (required) in the reading room, and how new users can register in Aeon.

Request Materials

Most ALSC materials must be requested in advance and retrieved by library staff when the library is open. Items kept onsite require 24 hours to retrieve. Items kept offsite at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) require 48 hours to retrieve. Keep these retrieval times in mind when you request your materials and schedule your Reading Room appointment.

You can browse certain items from the Type Specimens and Paul Rand Collections.

Find Your Item

You can search for ALSC materials in three places.

For books and other published items, use Quicksearch or Orbis. For archival materials, use Archives at Yale.

Begin Your Request

When you find an item you wish to see in the ALSC Reading Room, click the Request link. 

In Quicksearch and Orbis, you will see a link that reads "Request for Use in Haas Arts Library Special Collections."


In Archives at Yale, you will see a Request button at the top of your screen once you have chosen the box or folder you wish to see.

If you are not already logged in, you must authenticate using your Yale Net ID and password.

Complete Request in Aeon

Review and complete your request in Aeon.

After authenticating, you must complete your request in Aeon, the system that manages Special Collections access.

If you are requesting a book, make sure all the required fields are populated so we can find your item.

Check to see if there are any availability warnings in your form. For example, if an item is stored offsite at LSF, the form may have a note to choose a later date for materials to arrive at ALSC.

If requesting a book at LSF, you may see this warning:

If requesting archival material, you may see this warning under "Availability,"


Choose a date for your materials to arrive in ALSC, and submit your request.

IMPORTANT: The date you select is for the arrival of your materials; you must separately schedule an appointment in the ALSC Reading Room. See the next tab in this guide for further details.


Select a date in the calendar that is both convenient for you to visit the Reading Room and allows for the materials to be retrieved in time.


Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to complete your request.

Email Confirmation - PLEASE READ!

Please read the email you receive directly from ALSC staff regarding your request.

The email contains details regarding the item(s) you requested, any special instructions from ALSC staff, and information about how to make your Reading Room Appointment.


Remember, you must schedule an appointment in the Reading Room in order to view your items!

Review and Edit Your Requests

All of your requests are visible in Aeon.

Click "My Requests" in the left hand menu to view all of your requests (awaiting review, on hold, and cancelled).

Aeon menu


To edit a request, click the number in the first column, labeled TN. To see the catalog entry for your item, click its name in the third column, labeled Title; a new window will open in Orbis or Archives at Yale.