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Course Reserves at Cushing/Whitney Medical Library: Home

Learn how to use the course reserves service at Cushing/Whitney Medical Library to access the electronic and print readings for your courses. Faculty, TAs, staff, and students can all find current, useful information here.

Looking for information about electronic and print reserves at the medical library? You're in the right place!

  • Students, faculty, and staff
  • School of Nursing, School of Public Health, School of Medicine, Physicians' Assistants
  • Electronic reserves and print reserves
  • Canvas, Classes*v2, and BlueDogs

We have it all here on this guide! Use the tabs to find the information you need, or email with questions.

Pamela Gibson, Library Service Assistant

Pamela works with faculty in nursing, the history of medicine, and miscellaneous courses and seminars. Email Pamela at or call at 203 785 4346.

Vasean Daniels, Library Service Assistant

Vasean Daniels

Vasean works with faculty in the PA program and public health as well as basic science postdocs, residents and medical students. Email Vasean at or call 203 785 2133.