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YSE Teaching Fellows Resources: Home

Library resources that can help/support Teaching Fellows in the Yale School of the Environment


This guide has been developed to help YSE Teaching Fellows navigate the Yale University Library resources that can help them in the performance of their duties. 

Library-related Class Assignments

Tailored Subject/Research Guides can be developed for subjects of interest within classes, for individual class work, and for specific assignments.

Subject guide examples:  Food Security

Class-based examples:  HIST408J ; WGSS120

Assignment-based examples: Literature review systematic review ; Choosing a Journal for Publishing


If you want a Research Guide made for a specific subject, class, or assignment, contact a librarian at

GIS Support

Yale University Library licenses many GIS based resources

Other FREE GIS resources

  • Google Earth 
  • Carto 
  • QGIS - free and open source Geographic Information System
  • rMaps  - interactive maps from R
  • OpenStreetMap - collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world, uses crowdsourced data

GPS units are available for check out at the IDesk in Marx Library

For assistance with your GIS project contact:


Course Reserves

Yale classes use Canvas this resource there is a Course Reserves section. The directions for putting Course Reserves into Canvas are found here.

What rules/laws govern what you can use in electronic reserves? Is it under copyright? or under public domain?

Copyright is a legal concept that grants authors and artists control over certain uses of their creations for defined periods of time. It limits who may copy, change, perform, or share those creations.

The public domain is the name given to the set of creative works that are not protected by copyright law -- either because they are no longer covered by the limited terms of copyright law, because their creators did not comply with various formal requirements in the past, or because their creators deliberately donated to the public the rights that they might have asserted.

Electronic copies of class readings (assumption is that it is w/in Canvas and limited to Yale access) – either 1)Yale owns the electronic copy, or; 2)Yale Library obtained copyright clearance to provide digitized copy.

So, use the Library’s Course Reserves guide to make sure all electronic materials are in Canvas legally.  Make sure that any questions go to the Library where you want the reserves work to be done. For Marx Library,  Marx  phone:2-3439

Bibliographic/Citation Management

Yale University Library provides support for:


Workshops can be requested on how to integrate citation management tools into the research process.

In-class presentations can be arranged.

Individual consultations are always available.

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