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Himalayan Collections at Yale: Thinking like a librarian: Home

This is a guide for students in Mark Turin's Fall 2013 class, "Himalayan Collections at Yale" (ANTH 317 | HSAR 479 | SAST 363 | EAST 363)

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Think like a librarian in 5 easy steps

Librarians are bibliographic anthropologists: we interpret the printed word for the general public.

  1. How do I describe this?
  2. How do other people describe this?
  3. What information do I deemphasioze?
  4. How do I organize this information?
  5. How do I share this information?

Course description

A hands-on, collaborative class that uses technology to explore the links between Yale’s exceptional collections from and about the Himalayan region. Working with online tools and new digital media, we will uncover the material histories and contexts of art objects, photographs and personal archives, and help to enrich the collections through collective cataloguing. Readings and resources are drawn from Yale’s many libraries and museums, and cover Nepal, Tibet and northern India.

Librarian for South Asian Studies

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Rich Richie
Sterling Memorial Library, 212

Southeast Asia Reading Room: Sterling Memorial Library, 214

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 208240

130 Wall Street

New Haven, CT 06520