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Off-Campus Access to E-Resources : Lean Library Access

Lean Library Access Video Tutorial


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Lean Library Access

Yale University Library is now offering a browser extension called Lean Library Access. Lean Library Access is available to current Yale University faculty, students, staff, and current YNHH employees.

Working on your research application at home? Looking for electronic journals or reviews you want to cite in your publication? Install the  Lean Library Access browser extension and access study material however you search for it. This tool helps authorized Yale users to identify and access library licensed e-resources even if they start their searches outside of library systems.

How does it work?

The Lean Library Access browser extension simplifies the connection to library-licensed research materials, wherever and whenever you decide to study. You’ll have access whether you’re working abroad, in a neighborhood coffee shop, or at home. Using Lean Library Access means you spend less time searching for articles and journals and more time researching. 

While you are off-campus or off of Yale's network, the extension will notify you when you’re on a website that contains content the library subscribes to. You'll be prompted to authenticate through Yale's CAS or with your Epic ID. Once you are logged in, the extension icon in your browser bar will glow green if the library provides access. Then, it’s just a single click to open the site and get access to the library-licensed resources. A grey icon means that Yale University Library does not have a subscription to the content.

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Lean Library Access FAQs

Which browsers are compatible with the Lean Library extension?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari (MacOS 10.15+), iOS. Internet Explorer is no longer officially supported.

Note: Android is not yet available.

Why doesn't the pop-up display when I'm doing research while on Yale's campus?

The Lean Library Access extension is only active when you are outside of Yale's physical campus and not using any of Yale's networks (VPN, wi-fi, etc.).

Do I have to use Lean Library Access to get to Yale Library resources from off-campus?

No, you can continue to use EZproxy by starting your research from the library website, or by connecting to the VPN. These methods will continue to work without Lean Library Access.

How can I uninstall the browser extension?

In most browsers, extensions may be uninstalled by right-clicking on the extension icon in your browser bar and selecting "remove".

Can I continue using this browser extension after I graduate or end my affiliation with Yale University?

Lean Library Access will continue to pop up, but you will not be able to authenticate through Yale's CAS system after your affiliation has ended. We recommend that you uninstall the extension after you graduate or leave Yale University.

What about privacy?

When using the Lean Library Access extension, you remain completely anonymous. The Lean Library Access browser extension does not collect any personal information unless you actively share it. It does not collect your IP address or your device’s unique IDs. The Lean Library privacy statement is available to read online.

Why is the extension and pop-up slow to open in my browser?

Elements in your local environment, such as the browser you are using, the speed and processor power of your computer, the strength and speed of the internet connection you are using, the number of extensions you have installed in your browser, or the number of tabs you may have open in a browser may slow the extension's response time.

Lean Library Access & the Zotero Connector

Zotero Connector proxy banner

If you are a Zotero Connector user, note that enabling Zotero's proxy redirection setting may result in conflicting access information displaying in the Lean Library Access Extension and the Zotero Connector extension.

We recommend that users of both Zotero Connector and Lean Library Access disable Zotero's proxy redirection.

To do this in most browsers:

  • Right click on the Zotero Connector extension icon in the browser bar and navigate to the "Proxies" tab.
  • Uncheck the box "Enable proxy redirection".

Zotero Connector options proxies tab

This feature can be easily re-enabled if you stop using the Lean Library Access extension.