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Off-Campus Access to E-Resources : FAQ

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How do links to library licensed e-resources on the library website know whether I am off campus?

A: Access to most library licensed e-resources is through a service called EZProxy. This service works by using links that have a URL prefix appended to the front of the e-resource (like this: If you are coming from a Yale network location, you will not be prompted to authenticate. If you are coming from a network location outside of Yale, the prefix will prompt you to authenticate.

Q: Does EZProxy require special software?

A: EZProxy does not require any installation or setup. Simply start your research from QuicksearchOrbisDatabases A-Z, and other library websites.

Q: Can I continue to use Yale's VPN to access library resources?

A: Yes. Yale's VPN will continue to provide access to most library licensed e-resources.

Q: I have the direct link to an electronic resource bookmarked. Can I continue to use it?

A: The direct link will work if you are connected to either YaleSecure on campus or VPN. To ensure you have access off-campus, we recommend starting from the library website and making a new bookmark that includes the EZProxy prefix. For example a link to https://www.jstor.rog/search becomes

Q: What is the difference between EZProxy and VPN?

A: For users who need access to library resources, EZProxy links are simpler to use than the VPN. The VPN is required to access University-level systems, such as Kronos and Workday.

Q: What happens if I am off-campus and start my research on Google or another site that is not affiliated with Yale University Library?

A: If you are not logged in to Yale's VPN, you may be unable to access Yale library-licensed e-resources. We recommend starting your research from the library website.

Q: Will I be prompted to log in every time I click on a new library e-resource?

A: Your login will be remembered for the duration of your browser session.

Q: Will I be prompted to authenticate using Yale's multifactor authentication (DUO) to use library e-resources while off-campus?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the "bypass" option I see on the login screen?

A: The link in the "bypass" box is the unproxied link to the e-resource that you clicked on. You can try this link if: a) you feel that the e-resource you are trying to access should not require any type of authentication (e.g., open access, freely available) or b) you are not a Yale authorized user.

Q: Are there any browser settings or tools I can use to generate off-campus (proxied) links to library e-resources?

A: Currently there are no browser settings or tools available to create proxied links to library e-resources. The library is investigating these tools for future implementation.

Q: Will the YaleLinks at the Google Scholar provide off-campus access to Yale's licensed e-resources?

A: If you have configured Google Scholar to display YaleLinks full-text links, then YaleLinks will provide off-campus access to library licensed e-resources.

Q: Will the YaleLinks at PubMed provide off-campus access to Yale's licensed e-resources?

A: If you enter PubMed through Yale's custom database link, then YaleLinks will provide off-campus access to library licensed e-resources.

Q: How do I log out of YUL's EZproxy system?

A: Go to

Q: What happens if I have a Yale sponsored identity and I click on a proxied link?

A: Yale sponsored identities do not have off campus access privileges to library licensed e-resources. If you click on a proxied link, you can enter your NetID and password, but you will not be authenticated and receive an error message.

Q: What does the "Error: Not Configured" message mean?

A: Library licensed e-resources must be specially configured for off campus access. Occasionally, an e-resource may be missing a configuration. Please report this error to library staff by clicking on the link provided on the error page.

Q: Why do some library licensed e-resources have special instructions for access? (e.g., personal account registration, CAS, etc.)

A: Most library licensed e-resources can be configured for off campus access through the EZProxy software but there are some e-resource vendors that cannot support the use of this software. In those instances, you may be asked to create a personal account or log in via CAS instead. These e-resources will be indicated by a library-brandedintermediate page (e.g., e-resources will be indicated by a library-brandedintermediate page (e.g.,

Q: Does the EZProxy system track my use of library licensed e-resources?

A: The EZProxy system is based on IP authentication and uses IP addresses to verify authorized users but it does not track your identity or netID.