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REL 503: Hebrew Bible Interpretation I: Home

An overview of resources available at the Yale Divinity Library for students in Hebrew Bible Interpretation I.


This subject guide is designed for students of REL 503 (Hebrew Bible Interpretation I). It is a research aid to assist students with their reading and writing assignments.

Here you will find:

- Hebrew Bible editions and translations

- Biblical commentaries

- Resources for different interpretational approaches 

- Reference works

- ATLA scripture search video tutorial


lllustrative image of a Torah scroll (iStock by Getty Images/Katy Lazano)

Hebrew Bible Book by Library of Congress Call Number

A unique call number identifies each book of the Hebrew Bible. To browse library bookshelves to survey available books pertinent to your book of interest, find the relevant call number. Below are call numbers for each book of the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomistic History.

Ask the front circulation desk for the location of a call number. Also check the Trowbridge Reference Room or Pope Reading Room for materials.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: BS 1140

Historical/Narrative Books: BS 1205

Pentateuch/Torah: BS 1222 and 1225

Genesis: BS 1235

Exodus: BS 1245

Leviticus: BS 1255

Numbers: BS 1265

Deuteronomy: BS 1275

Ten Commandments: BS 1285

Deuteronomistic History:

Joshua: BS 1295

Judges: BS 1305

1 and 2 Samuel: BS 1325

1 and 2 Kings: BS 1335

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