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Access the Library

Use this guide to access a curated list of resources for your YYGS project.

You can also go directly to the library website to access material:

Reference Sources & Background information

When you start researching a new topic consult reference sources to gather background information.

icon of a thinking brainWikipedia is an example of a reference source. Wikipedia isn't the best source, but it can be used to identify other authoritative and scholarly sources -- to do so, review the footnotes and citations. Wikipedia can also be used to identify key terms associated with your topic.

For scholarly reference sources, try the library databases linked below:

News sources

icon of a newspaperThe best way to access newspapers is through a library database -- this way you will not need a subscription to access. For YYGS, we recommend:

For a complete list of newspaper databases, see:

Find Books

icon of books

To surface books on your topic use the library catalog:

1) Search by keyword, such as "sustainable development" or "human genome". If your first search has too many results, modify to add specific keywords, such as a continent, country, region, etc. For example, "sustainable development" AND "Europe" will return more specific results than "sustainable development" on its own.

2) Search by subject to retrieve books ABOUT a topic. Try the following phrases (use quotation marks) using the drop-down menu for "Subject":

  • "Sustainable development Developing countries"
  • "Sustainable development International cooperation"
  • "Human Genome Project"
  • "Genomics Moral and ethical aspects"

Find Articles

Icon of an articleTo find scholarly articles, use a library database. The library also provides a service that aggregates articles from many different databases:

The following general and subject-specific databases are also recommended for YYGS:

The links below provide information about resources like Scientific American and New Scientist, which all explain core science concepts and developments in new frontiers of science at a nonspecialist level.

Google Scholar often works, but sometimes, there are problems connecting to our databases. We have troubleshooting information to help you.

IGO search engine

To search across hundreds of IGO websites, use the Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine (a Google custom search)

To search across NGO websites, use the Non-governmental Organization Search Engine.

Image Credits

From the NounProject: "Brain" by Vladimir Belochkin, RU; "Books" by Icon 54; "Article" by Setyo Ari Wibowo, ID; "Newspaper" by Bybzee, FR.