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About the Library: Strategic Directions

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Strategic Directions 2019-2022


As the heart of the university, Yale University Library provides outstanding support for teaching, learning, research, and practice at Yale, and for the worldwide scholarly community, through our staff, collections, programs, spaces, and services.


Yale University Library is one of the world’s leading research libraries and a catalyst for intellectual and cultural exploration. By anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of all our library users, we  advance the university mission’s commitment “to improving the world today and for future generations through outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice.” We are innovative, collaborative, and purposeful in stewarding our iconic spaces, expanding the accessibility and uses of our collections, adopting and deploying technology, and developing staff expertise. As one unified library, we work together to help users understand and benefit from an extraordinary range of resources and services.


  1. Focus on library users. Keep the needs of our diverse users at the center of our physical and online environments and services. Continuously assess and improve the library experience of students, faculty, researchers, practitioners, and visitors.
  2. Enhance teaching and learning. Spark intellectual and creative development through increased engagement with the library’s resources, exhibits, instruction, and other programs. Partner with faculty and other Yale colleagues to support and enrich all forms of student learning.
  3. Advance research and inquiry. Develop, support, and make accessible collections, staff expertise, technology, and physical spaces to foster world-class research and practice in established as well as emerging fields.
  4. Extend the reach and impact of collections. Select, acquire, preserve, promote, and make more accessible our diverse physical and digital collections in service of teaching, research, and practice. Lead and innovate in expanding the definition, scope, and use of the research library.
  5. Connect and collaborate. Thrive by creating and sustaining strategic collaborations across library departments, with campus stakeholders, with state and local partners in Connecticut, with other research libraries, and within the global community.
  6. Leverage technology. Provide, develop, and maintain robust, sustainable, and responsive digital and technological services that support the current needs of library users and staff while anticipating and responding to future needs.
  7. Be a great workplace. Cultivate and support excellence, diversity and inclusion, and continuous learning for all staff in a dynamic workplace aligned with the library’s community values. 
  8. Tell our story. Raise awareness of the library’s resources and services. Communicate the capabilities and contributions of the unified library to inspire understanding of, and support for, the library’s essential roles at Yale and in the world.



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