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Yale Archival Management Systems Committee: Third-year Goals

Third-year Goals

Training Needs

Ensure that all users of ArchivesSpace at Yale have the training and resources they need to use the application effectively. Build communication channels to ensure that we understand our users' training needs.

Systems Integration

The adoption of ArchivesSpace presents an opportunity for integrating the management and description of our resources across systems. Our goals include integration between ArchivesSpace and Preservica to help provide better stewardship of digital materials, integration with Voyager for the automatic creation of bibliographic and holdings records, and integration with Yale's digital library, FindIt.

Data Migration

Migrate any outstanding archival data stores to ArchivesSpace.

System Maintenance

Provide oversight for systems maintenance. Our goals include securing a permanent home for YUL’s production and test ASpace instances (Lyrasis), upgrading to 1.3, getting our custom plugins updgraded to 1.3 and adopted into the core code, and finishing key implementation tasks such as updating Beinecke Aeon forms for querying ArchivesSpace.

Data Clean-up

Bring decades of legacy data to a baseline of what ArchivesSpace expects (leading to more robust interaction with archival description). This includes addressing name and subject records, normalizing dates, adding machine-readable information to our conditions governing access and conditions governing use notes, bringing Voyager bibliographic record identifiers into related ArchivesSpace resource records, and monitoring new data created by ArchivesSpace users.

Documentation & Communication

Our training manual, LibGuide, our technical documentation on GitHub, and our public-facing blog will be updated with information relevant to our communities. This allows us to communicate our needs and contributions to the wider ArchivesSpace community.