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Getting Started with Refinitiv Workspace : Home

About Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace for students

Refinitiv Workspace features market data, company financials and filings, earnings estimates, transaction data, analyst research, and more.

This platform replaced Thomson ONE and provides access to similar content. 


License Terms
Refinitiv Workspace for Students is available to authorized users at Yale University for non-commercial academic research.
•    Refinitiv Workspace may be used for academic purposes exclusively. Any use for commercial purposes, including internships or other employment opportunities (even if during a term of academic study), is prohibited.
•    Authorized users may download and store information from the database for academic purposes. Upon completing projects or coursework, users should make every effort to delete this information.

Step 1: Register for an Account

New users can request a Refinitiv Workspace account using an email address at  

When registering for an account, complete all fields on the form, including:

1. The Reference field: Choose the appropriate category (Faculty/Staff, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student)



2. The Add-on Field: Select AMR For Students - User Level

This step enables access to analyst research (also referred to as the Aftermarket Research Collection in RWS).

All requests will be reviewed, and a notification will be sent to the library within 1 Day. Once your request is approved, you will receive your welcome email - if you have requested the DataStream add-on, this can take up to 6 hours. Once registered, new users will receive a welcome email directly from Refinitiv ( containing access instructions. 

Individual researcher accounts will automatically expire on May 31 and may be renewed for the following academic year in late August.

Alumni access is not available. 

Please contact the business librarians at Marx Library with any questions. 

Step 2: Sign in

Registered users have two options for using Refinitiv Workspace:

Option 1. Refinitiv Workspace Web Access - Sign in to the platform using any internet browser.

Option 2. Refinitiv Workspace desktop application - You will receive the link to install the application in your welcome email after registering for your account. Users that install the desktop application will have access to the Refinitiv Workspace add-in for Excel.  Watch the Installing and Accessing Refinitiv Workspace tutorial.

 Please note: You can install Refinitiv Workspace on multiple devices but can only sign in to one device at a time. 


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