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Essential Library Research Skills: Find Newspapers

Why Use Newspapers?

Newspapers (and magazines) provide both first-hand accounts and interpretations of events. Therefore, depending on how you use a newspaper, it can either be a primary source or a secondary source.

This page will help guide you through finding current newspapers and historical newspapers.

Pro-tip: Though you may be familiar with visiting websites for newspaper content (, accessing the library's subscription to a newspaper will often require accessing through a database. Going through a database will ensure you do not have to pay.

You DO have access to free newspaper subscriptions as a current Yale student, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Find Newspapers

Find online newspaper articles:

Remember: To access newspaper articles from the library, you will need to use library resources (and not the newspaper's website). You can find newspaper articles using the same methods to find journal articles:​

Find a specific newspaper in print or online:

​To find a specific print, search for the newspaper title (i.e.: "New York Times") in:

To find a specific online newspaper, search for the newspaper title (i.e.: "Wall Street Journal") in:

Find Current & Historical Newspapers

Try these database resources to find newspaper articles from current and historic newspapers:

Find a Specific Online Newspaper or Journal