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AMST 191: The Formation of Modern American Culture, 1920 to the Present: Secondary sources

This research guide is intended to assist students in their research projects for the course The Formation of Modern American Culture, taught by Professor Tavia Nyong'o during Spring term 2023 at Yale University.

Bibliographic (subject) databases

In addition to the online library catalog (Books+ and Orbis), reference sources, and footnotes in sources you've already found (etc.), bibliographic (subject-specific) databases are helpful for finding secondary sources, especially scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles, magazine articles, book reviews, and citations to book chapters and edited collections of books. Please note: the full text of articles will not always be available in these databases. If you see the "YaleLinks" icon instead of a PDF, click on the icon to discover whether we have online access to the article.

Orbis & Quicksearch

And, don’t forget, Orbis, Books+ and Articles+ are all important tools for locating secondary sources!