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English Language and Literature Research Guide: Home

A research guide for English.


Hello and welcome to the Yale University Library!   

My name is Todd Gilman and I am your librarian for collection development in English Language and Literature.

The goal of this guide is to direct you to the best databases, reference tools, and on-line and print resources for Literature in English. It is my objective to provide you with pointers to as many areas of scholarly interest as possible, from books and academic articles to reference resources and interesting web links to primary and secondary resources that will help keep you abreast of current developments in English Language and Literature.

The selection of resources and (re)search strategies recommended in this guide is meant to reflect the trends and practices in Literature in English in general, as well as the holdings in Literature in English of the Yale University Library in particular. In addition, this guide also provides a few general tips on how to best navigate the research resources available to you when writing a scholarly paper on literary topics.

This guide will be updated periodically, so keep an eye out for new resources.  Feel free to give me feedback on the content of this guide and don't hesitate to send me a message if there is something I haven't covered here that you think should be added. 

Questions? Want to discuss your research objectives and search strategies?  You're welcome to call or e-mail me anytime -- please see my contact information in the right-hand column. I will be delighted to discuss your needs!

 I hope you enjoy reading this guide!

About your librarian

By way of introduction I have been Librarian for Literature in English at Yale since 2001, serving principally as library liaison to the Yale English Department and building our collections in English language and world literatures in English. I hold a BA in English (with a minor in French) from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (1987), a PhD in English from the University of Toronto (1994), and an MLS from Simmons College (2001).

Before becoming an academic librarian I taught expository writing and English and world literatures at the University of Toronto, Boston University, and MIT. I continue to teach, now in the field of book and library history, as a lecturer for various schools of library and information science including the University of Arizona and San Jose State University. I am also a frequent contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education, for which I write opinion pieces concerning issues in academic libraries.

My scholarly interests lie primarily in the field of 17th - and 18th-century British literature, drama, masque, and opera. I have published articles in journals such as Eighteenth-Century Studies, Restoration, The Musical Quarterly, Theatre Survey, The University of Toronto Quarterly, and Literature/Film Quarterly. I recently published a book on the theatre career of England’s greatest native-born 18th-century composer, Thomas Augustine Arne:


Librarian for Literature in English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics

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