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English 114/115 - A Research Guide: Find Journal Articles

Find Articles

What is an article?

An article is a piece of writing found in a periodical or serial -- commonly known as magazines, newspapers, and journals. Articles are a way to get the most up-to-date way to get information.

What is a "scholarly" article?

In order for an article to be considered "scholarly" it is vetted and approved by other scholars in the field (hence peer reviewed). The approval process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year and publishing an article in a peer reviewed journal is often a requirement of tenure for researchers and faculty.

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Find Articles

Where do you find scholarly articles?

Scholarly articles are found in peer review journals. You can find scholarly articles (and full journals, like Nature) using library discovery tools and databases. Two resources to start you in this process are listed below:

General & Reference Databases

If you're just getting started with your research, you may want to consult a reference database or multidisciplinary‚Äč database in order to get background information on your topic. Doing background research early will help you move forward to refine your research question.

Some examples of general databases are listed below. Try them!