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English 114/115 - A Research Guide: Find Newspapers

Why Use Newspapers?

Newspapers (and magazines) provide both first-hand accounts and interpretations of events. Depending on how you use a newspaper, it can either be a primary source or a secondary source.

This page will help guide you through finding current newspapers and historical newspapers.

Pro-tip: Though you may be familiar with visiting websites for newspaper content (, accessing newspapers through Yale Library will often require using a database. Going through a database will ensure you do not have to pay. See the recommended databases below.

That said, you DO have access to some newspaper websites as a Yale student, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal:

Current & Historical Newspapers

Try these database resources to find newspaper articles from current and historic newspapers:

Find E-Journals

Find Databases Using Quicksearch

Newspapers at Yale Library

Find a specific newspaper to browse or read:

​To find a specific print, try searching for the newspaper title (i.e.: "New York Times" or "Wall Street Journal") and then filter for "Newspapers" in:

To find a specific online newspaper, search for the newspaper title (i.e.: "New York Times" or "Wall Street Journal") in:

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