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Medical Education Services: Teaching Support

Resources and services to enhance teaching and learning in biomedicine at Yale

Curriculum and Research Services (CRS) at the Medical Library

Information professionals are available for consultation on a wide range of topics, such as searching the educational scholarship literature and collaborating on a systematic review.

The Library has a long history of successful partnerships with faculty in the education of students. Each year, librarians conduct training sessions as part of the curricula of the schools of medicine, public health, nursing and the physician associate program. Most recently, library sessions were integrated into the new YSM clinical curriculum. Librarians teach evidence-based practice searching skills using point-of-care information resources in the Medical Approach to the Patient "boot camp".  In an evidence-based psychiatry searching session of the new Primary Care and Mental Health clerkship, librarians instruct students to conduct an efficient literature search and review as part of their patient note assignment.

Librarians can also provide training and consultation on creating pedagogically sound educational videos for YSM's flipped curriculum, using the recording facility in the Library. Videos created for the flipped curriculum can be found here:

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Judy Spak

Lei Wang

Course Support at the Medical Library

In addition to consultation services regarding educational scholarship, teaching within the curriculum or creating educational videos, the medical library supports the information needs of teaching faculty.

Faculty can request materials for purchase for inclusion in our collections, that an item be placed on reserve or that stable links are generated to allow seamless access to required information resources for learning management systems such as BlueDogs, ClassesV2 or Canvas.

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