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Yale Library

Theology Guide: Journal Articles

A guide for conducting research in Theology at the Yale University Divinity School Library.

Article Databases for Theology

Theology Journals: Print

Using Databases to Find Articles

There are various databases that can help you identify journal articles in the subject area of theology. On this page of the guide we've highlighted the best ones for theological studies. However, there are many more databases available to you on the Databases & Article Searching page of the Yale University Library's web site.

Every database is somewhat different, but most allow you to search by Author, Title, Subject or Keyword. Sometimes, an instructional guide or help for the database is available by clicking on the More Info button in the record for the database.

If you find yourself having problems in searching a database, don't hesitate to ask a librarian for assistance.

Many of the databases will provide not only a citation for the article, but a link to the full text of the article. However, not all databases provide this. If you don't see a link from the citation to the article in full text, it may still be available in full-text from another database. Look for the Yale Linksbutton and click on it to see if the article is available in full-text from another database.

If the article you want is not available in full-text through any of the library's databases, you will have to see if it is available in print. Search the Orbis catalog for the journal title (NOT the article title) by using Journal/Newspaper/Magazine Title as the search type. Be sure to note which library holds the journal, and whether or not it has the specific issue in which the article you want is located.