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Ethics Guide: Faculty Publications

A guide for conducting research in Ethics at the Yale University Divinity School Library.


Articles and Essays

The following is a selection of recent (last 10 years) articles and essays written in the area of ethics by Yale Divinity School faculty members.


Benzoni, Francisco. "Thomas Aquinas and Environmental Ethics: A Reconsideration of Providence and Salvation." Journal of Religion 85, no. 3 (07, 2005): 446-476.

Hare, John E. "Kant and Depravity." Philosophia Christi 9, no. 1 (01/01, 2007): 21-27.

———. "Kant on the Rational Instability of Atheism." In Kant and the New Philosophy of Religion. Bloomington: Indiana Univ Pr, 2006.

———. "Evolutionary Naturalism and Reducing the Demand of Justice." In Religion in the Liberal Polity, 74-94. Notre Dame, Ind; Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications; Univ of Notre Dame Pr, 2005.

Jenkins, Willis. "Episcopalians, Homosexuality, and World Mission." Anglican Theological Review 86, no. 2 (Spr, 2004): 293-316.

———. "Biodiversity and Salvation: Thomistic Roots for Environmental Ethics." Journal of Religion 83, no. 3 (07, 2003): 401-420.

———. "Ethnohomophobia?" Anglican Theological Review 82, no. 3 (Sum, 2000): 551-563.

Ogletree, Thomas W. "The Essential Unity of the Love Commands: Moving Beyond Paradox." Journal of Religious Ethics 35, no. 4 (12, 2007): 695-700.

———. "Agents and Moral Formation." In Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics, 36-44. Malden; Oxford; Carlton: Blackwell, 2005.

———. "Corporate Capitalism and the Common Good." Journal of Religious Ethics 30, no. 1; 1 (2002): 79.

Townes, Emilie M. "Response to "Social Science, Christian Ethics and Democratic Politics: Issues of Poverty and Welfare" by Mary Jo Bane." Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 21, (2001): 39-43.

———. "Searching for Paradise in a World of Theme Parks : Toward A Womanist Ethic of Care." Lexington Theological Quarterly 33, no. 3 (Fall, 1998): 131-150.


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