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LGBTQI: Research Guide: WGSS 323 - HIV & AIDS in Africa

Library guide to assist with research in LGBTQI studies

Off-campus Access

To access Yale's resources from off-campus, it's best to set up the Virtual Private Network. You can use this from anywhere around the world with Internet connectivity.

Another Resource

Another great resource that is available in Sterling Memorial Library is the African Collection. This collection's materials primarily come from publishers or the governments of these countries. Most of the materials do not circulate but the librarian there is extremely helpful in assisting researchers.

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Locating Books

Orbis is a catalog that contains most of the library's holdings whether they are books, titles of journals, newspapers and magazines, sound recordings, e-books, and special collections. The Medical Library's collections are also in Orbis but the Law Library's are not.

To effectively search in Orbis, it's recommended that you use Subject Headings. Some that you might want to start out with are:


Communicable diseases - Transmission

HIV (Viruses)

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

AIDS (Disease) - Epidemiology - Africa

E(lectronic) Books - Use this link to find e-books that you have access to.

WorldCat - allows you to search other libraries' catalogs from around the world to find materials that Yale might not have access to.


Locating Journals

Due to the nature of this class, topics can vary from sociology to medical to gender studies. Below you will find examples of some databases that you can use to locate journal articles and citations to many books, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

Africa-wide - brings together literature from around the world specifically on topics (including health) of African peoples and countries.

Alternative Press Index - This database is the largest collection of alternative literature. 90% of the materials indexed in it are unique and used to report and analyze cultural, economic, social and political change.

Anthropological Literature - Covers myriad subjects from an anthropological lens including archaelogy, history, art, demography and economics.

BBC News Country Profiles - Includes general information about specific countries including audio & video clips and names of country publications.

Gender Studies Database - Journal articles, book chapters and websites are indexed int this database which covers a wide range of topics in gender studies scholarship.

GenderWatch - Similar to Gender Studies Database but with a bit more of an international twist.

LGBT Life - Provides citations and some full text articles on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. It covers core scholarly publications, as well as many alternative publications and grey literature.

PubMed - Contains journal articles from the medical field.

Sociological Abstracts - Covers a broad range of materials from cultural and social lens.

Statesman's Yearbook - Provides an excellent overview of political, economic, social and cultural issues in a country; includes section on health.

World Development Indicators - Provides good statistics for health care, causes, treatments, etc.

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