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Comparative Literature: Research tips

Excellent resource -- check it out!

The Craft of Research / Booth, Colomb, Williams


Several copies in Bass: Q180.55.M4 B66X 2008

Also available as online book.

About this page

I have developed this page specifically for graduate students in the Comparative Literature Department. 

My goal is to give you a quick overview of the most important tips for writing a research paper or a class assignment.  I will help you to understand the difference between primary and secondary (re)sources, explain how to do a multi-database search, and most importantly, give you a basic search strategy in 10 steps.


Here you will also find some more bibliographic information about resources that can help you in your research.


You can reach the sub-pages of this section of the guide by using the links under the main navigation bar above, or by clicking on the links below.

Getting started


Multi-database search


Basic search strategy in 10 steps


Literature reviews


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