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Comparative Literature: Microfilms at Yale

Microfilm & microfiche


Copyright-free picture for private, academic or research purposes




Copyright-free picture for private, academic or research purposes

What are microfilms?

Microfilm is a film on which miniature copies of documents are reproduced. Microfilm allows for very compact storage of books and documents.


Please note that at the Library we often use the term microform, since the content can be also stored on microfiches.


Microform is a generic term for any medium--be it film, video tape, paper, etc--that contains microminiaturized images, i.e. compressed images which cannot be read without special display devices.

Microfilm purchase at Yale

Here are five of the major microfilm catalogs that librarians and curators use to purchase collections for the Yale University Library. The Yale University Library already holds many of the items in these catalogs, but if you find something here that Yale does not own, then you can try to get it through Interlibrary Loan or ask me to purchase it.


Keep in mind that a very good source of primary source material at Yale can be found in the Microform Reading Room located in the basement of the Sterling Memorial Library. This link provides you to a list of major microfilm collections available in the Microform Reading Room.