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Linguistics: Reference Resources


This page is presented for all students in the department  of Linguistics with the goal to provide them the best reference resources in the field. 


Here you will find a list of electronic and paper dictionaries and encyclopedias.  In addition, I will point out some interesting biographic and bibliographic resources as well as guides and companions to Linguistics.  You will also find a list of  organizations related to the field of Linguistics.


You can reach the sub-pages of this section of the guide by using the links under the main navigation bar above, or by clicking on the links below.




Reference databases










Guides & companions


Organizations & associations

Point of interest ~ the Library of Congress

The Guinness Book of World Records currently lists the Library of Congress as the "World's Largest Library". This apparently is based on the shelf space the collection occupies; the Library of Congress states that its collection fills about 530 miles (850 km),while the British Library, reports about 388 miles (625 km) of shelves. (Wikipedia)


Copyright-free pictures for private, academic or research purposes

How to find reference (re)sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)

Reference sources are authoritative works that you can refer to for specific answers or information.  There are many types of reference sources, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, directories, almanacs, and handbooks.  But in broader terms, reference works can also include materials such as bibliographies, atlases, gazetteers, style manuals, or statistical sources.


The Yale Library has reference materials both on-line and in print.  Print reference collections are available in the Starr Main Reference Room at the SML.  Most reference books can't be checked out of the Library.  However, any reference books shelved in the book-stacks are available for check-out, unless labeled "Building Use Only."