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Linguistics: Books

Search tips

Often a successful search strategy uses both keyword searching and subject searching:

  • Do a keyword search to find materials on your topic.

  • Examine the list of materials to locate one whose content seems to match your topic.

  • Once you have this one item on the computer screen, look at the subject heading(s) to determine which one best matches your topic.

  • Do a new search for material on your topic. This time, try a subject search for the subject heading that looked promising.

Locating books on linguistics in the SML

Books in Linguistics correspond to divers ranges of the LC class (P 1-1091 etc.,). 


To locate them in the stacks, you must look on the following stacks floors in the SML:  

  • 1MB
  • 2M


Here you can find a detailed directory of the stacks.

MUST SEE catalogs for bibliographic information in foreign languages

The following links will point you to LibGuides pages where you can find necessary information about important catalogs in foreign languages that you should know about:

French catalogs


 German catalogs


Italian catalogs


Spanish & Portuguese catalogs



Please, also consult following catalogs:

Book recommendations

Looking for something to read? Try:






  Are you looking for books?




  Search in the library catalog!



  There you will find  bibliographic records

  on books that you seek.





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Searching the Yale catalogs for books

To find books, you can search the following main Yale catalogs:

Remember, the catalog will provide only a bibliographic record of the book indicating its call number (physical location of the book in the library).

Searching the Yale catalogs for e-books

Search these e-book collections for possible sources, especially if you're away from campus! 

 If you are using them off-campus, you may need to log in with your Yale NetId and password.

Searching other institutions' catalogs for books

You didn't find what you needed in the Yale catalog? Please look here: