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ENGL 395/LITR 154/HUMS 165 The Bible as a Literature: ATLA Religion Database

A guide to accompany the course ENGL 395/LITR 154/HUMS165: The Bible as Literature.

Three Methods to Search for Biblical Scripture Citations In the Atla Religion Database

Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials PLUS

The Atla Religion Database with ATLASerials PLUS is an index of articles, reviews, and essays in all fields of religion and theology. The EBSCO-sponsored research platform offers significant breadth and depth of subject areas; with multiple languages covered. Content is selected for inclusion based on its scholarly merit and scope.

Access Atla RDB through the regular student Central Authentication Service (CAS) process.

Update Frequency

  • Monthly

Type of Records

  • Bibliographic records of scholarship representing major religions, faiths, denominations, and languages

Coverage Areas

  • Bible, archaeology, and antiquities
  • Human culture and society
  • World religions and religious studies
  • Church history, missions, and ecumenism
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Theology, philosophy, and ethics