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Missions and World Christianity: Historical Journals

Selected Historical Journals

Use the subject heading "Missions--periodicals" in Orbis to get a full list of missions periodicals available at Yale.

See the "Missions periodicals online" tabs in this guide for links to periodicals freely available online.

Listed below are a selection of current periodicals:

United States

  • American Baptist Foreign Mission Society:

"Missions" (1910-1967)

  • American Bible Society:

"Bible Society Record" (1849-1970)

  • American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions:

"Missionary herald at home and abroad" (1805-1951)

  • Christian and Missionary Alliance:

"Alliance Weekly" (1887-1987)

  • Episcopal Church:

"Spirit of Missions" (1836-1939)

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church/ United Lutheran Church:

"Foreign Missionary" (1914-1963)

  • Methodist Episcopal Church:

"The Gospel in All Lands" (1880-1903);

"Heathen woman's friend" / "Woman's Missionary Friend" (1869-1940)

  • Methodist Episcopal Church, South:

"Woman's Missionary Advocate" (1888-1910);

"Missionary Voice" / "World Outlook" (1911-1970)

  • Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern):

"Presbyterian Survey" (1924-1995)

  • Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (Northern):

"Foreign Missionary" / "The Church at Home and Abroad" (1842-1898);

"Woman's Work" / "Women and Missions" (1905-1946)


  • Baptist Missionary Society:

"Missionary Herald" (1873-2000)

  • British and Foreign Bible Society:

"The Bible in the World" (1905-1971)

  • Church Missionary Society:

"Church Missionary Gleaner"/ "CMS Gleaner" /"Church Missionary Outlook" / "CMS Outlook" (1841-1972)

  • London Missionary Society:

"Chronicle of the London Missionary Society" (1867-1966)

  • Methodist Missionary Society:

"Foreign Field of the Wesleyan Methodist Church" (1904-1932);

"Herald of the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society" (1905-1922);

"Women's Work" (1937-1969)

  • Presbyterian Church of England:

"Presbyterian Messenger" (1908-1964);

"Our Sisters in Other Lands" (1912-1938);

"Far Horizons" (1938-1966)

  • Society for the Propagation of the Gospel:

"The Mission Field" (1856-1941)

  • Church of Scotland:

"Life and Work" (1879-2000); "Other Lands" (1921-1959)

  • Free Church of Scotland:

"Monthly record of the Free Church of Scotland" (1868-1989