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Science Data Resources: Data Workshops

Resources for data in the sciences.

Research Data Management

Finding and Using Social Science Data and Statistics

Do you want to be able to answer questions about data & statistics? Attend this one-hour workshop to become familiar with key concepts and resources for numeric data in the social sciences. Presenters will cover how to conduct a data reference interview to facilitate patron interactions, resources to expand your vocabulary related to numeric data, and what the major numeric data resources are and search strategies for finding more. Information will be aggregated in paper and electronic cheat sheets. Workshop will be lecture-based with some hands-on exposure to general resources – the data research guide, ICPSR, WorldBank, UNData, etc. Reference interview tips will be employed using real-life examples from the participants if possible, so bring your favorites!

Science Data Resources: From Astronomy to Bioinformatics

In this one-hour workshop, Kayleigh Bohemier and Kristin Bogdan will give an overview of scientific data resources in various disciplines: geology, astronomy, physics, and more. Rolando Garcia Milian, who recently joined the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library as Biomedical Sciences Research Support librarian, will give an overview of bioinformatics as a discipline, and what kinds of questions he answers in the course of his work.

Data Visualization Literacy

We see graphics and charts everywhere today, but have you ever wondered what they are actually trying to tell you? Or if they are even representing the truth? In this workshop we will go through an overview of what it takes to create a meaningful graphic to represent a data set, from data collection to visualization creation. We will also look at a variety of visualizations to get a sense of what works, what doesn’t and how to tell if what you are seeing is actually what the data says.

Data Management Planning Basics

Come learn about the basics of the Data Management Plans required for many NSF, NIH, and NEH grant proposals. This session will cover resources for learning about what's required and recommended in a DMP, an overview and walkthrough of the DMPTool, and an introduction to services available at Marx Library for data management plan review and consultation.

Intro to Research Data Management for Librarians

Yale's data librarians and subject specialists have been teaching data management best practices in graduate level research methods courses in Political Science and Forestry & Environmental Science. This session will provide an overview of the material covered in those workshops, why data management education is important at the graduate level, a generalized overview of guidelines and resources for good data management, and many resources for learning more. Topics include considering discipline-based differences in data management, metadata resources, naming conventions, file formats, and resources for preservation, archiving, citing, and sharing research data.